A Game of Memory Help

Playing A Game of Memory

It's easy! Just click on any of the tiles you see on the board to flip it over.  You'll see a fruit, candy, or other kind of food.  Then click on a second tile to flip it over.  If the two are the same, you've got a match and they both disappear!!  If they don't match, they'll both flip back over, so remember which one's you say - you might need them later! Flip over all the tiles and you've won!

When all the tiles have been matched and dissapear, you've won the game!!!  At any time, you can click "New Game" to start over, or click "Quit" to exit the game.  If you have any other questions about the game or anything else, contact us.

How to Purchase A Game of Memory

Purchasing A Game of Memory is also easy!  Simply visit http://secure.liquidmirror.com/liquidmirror-ssl/purchase.asp and click the Buy It Now! button for A Game of Memory.  It's is only 99¢, and the unlock code will be sent to you within 24 hours.


Technical support can be obtained by contating us via our contact form.  We will answer your question in the order it was received and usually get back within the same day.