Help Files For Our Software

Help can be obtained for any of our software packages from the following links.

The Ultimate Right-Click File Utility! Includes tools for copying and moving and zipping files, securely deleting files from prying eyes, replacing text within namy fiels, copying/moving files with one click, copying long & short filenames to the clipboard, batch renaming, and removing the ReadOnly attribute from files or whole directory structures.


The Ultimate Right-Click Image Utility! More than 70 extraordinary image effects, filters and functions available from your right-click context menu in Windows explorer. Use Images: In Context!™ once and we guarantee that you'll never go back to using a bloated paint program to perform common image tasks again.

Check all your POP3 mail accounts from the system tray automatically for free!!!


Lets kids draw with colored lights on the screen! With a flip of the switch the lights turn on to see their masterpieces!

Keep an eye on your Windows filesystem!™ Watch files on your computer or network and be notified of changes via popup, tray icon, Windows Networking NetSend, internet email or by executing programs on the command line.


A concentration-style game for children. Hours of fun pictures and noises that will exercise your child's memory, as well as logical skills.

A low-memory, low-impact audio player which hides in your system tray while playing music. Supports popular playlist formats, as well as keyboard hotkeys for skipping and shuttling songs.
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