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Keep an eye on your Windows file system!™

Have you ever needed to know exactly when a file or folder changes on your system? Ever needed to monitor log file changes, watch incoming files on a server, monitor changes on a local hard drive or network share, or simply run a program every time a file changes? Then Always Watching!™ is for you!

Always Watching!™ lets you easily watch any folder on your file system or available network share for changes to file size, modification date, filename or foldername. When a change occurs, each event watch you set up can notify you via a popup window (otherwise known as a message box), a flashing tray icon, Windows NetSend, email or by executing any valid command you specify. Always Watching!™ is fully configurable - a network or systems administrators dream! Download it below and try it free for 15 days!

Main Features in Always Watching!™:

  • Watch any folder on your local hard drive or available network share - easily browse to each folder from within the Add Watch window.
  • Customizable notifications. Always Watching!™ notifies you of changes in whatever way is most convenient to you. This includes:
    • Popup windows with auto dismiss options.
    • Flashing tray icon that will queue up notifications quietly until you want to see them.
    • Windows NetSend service to send notifications to other computers on your network.
    • Internet email with customizable "from name" and "from address".
    • New! Windows Command Line allowing you to execute and pass change info to any valid program or batch file.
  • Optional delay. There are some folders you can watch that would simply get annoying with too many notifications. Because of this, Always Watching!™ allows you to set a mandatory delay period between individual watches, minimizing repeat notifications. Or, leave the delay off and receive exact, timely notifications.
  • Watch your target folder only, or easily include all subdirectories.
  • Version 2.1 also adds a new file filter so you're only notified of files you care about, plus a new faster, easier-to-use browse dialog.

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Always Watching!™ Minimum Requirements: Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server.

Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME users click here for Always Watching v1