Liquid Mirror Enterprises Announces File Hosting Service
For Immediate Release - October 21, 2002

Contact: Michael Stevenson

   Liquid Mirror Enterprises
   24338 El Toro Road Suite E-414
   Laguna Hills, CA 92653 USA

Phone   (800) 516-9167
Fax     (714) 242-1736 Offers High-Speed, Low-Cost File Hosting & Mirroring

Liquid Mirror Enterprises has launched, a file hosting service for software authors, developers, and publishers, as well as companies that distribute electronic content or data products online.

Delivering high bandwidth at modest prices, protects software developers from ISPs and hosts that suspend an online distributor's account or levy exorbitant overage charges when bandwidth limits are exceeded. keeps charges to a minimum by concentrating on file hosting, and not offering high-overhead services such as web site hosting.'s standard service costs $10(US) per month, and includes 10mb of storage, 100gb of data transfer per month, direct linking to files via user-defined host names such as, and LiveStats 5.0 statistics. Storage and transfer bandwidth are expandable for very reasonable prices. uses four rock-solid NT 4.0 servers with dual PIII 550 processors, 512mb of RAM, dual 10/100 FastEtherPro's, 10/100 switch, and a gig backbone to Cisco 7206 with 45mb Espire DS-3 connection. In addition to a lightning-fast Internet connection, ensures optimal download transfer rates by limiting the number of accounts to five hundred per server.

For more information, or to sign up for an account, visit You can find an online order form, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and the company's Terms of Service agreement at the same web address.

About Liquid Mirror Enterprises:

Liquid Mirror Enterprises is a software and web development company based in Laguna Hills, California.  Established in 1995, Liquid Mirror specializes in the production of award-winning software and eBooks, including AnyWhere 2000 and Starbrite. In addition, Liquid Mirror Enterprises owns and manages popular Internet sites, including Shareware Junction ( and CrushAlarm (

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