Welcome to Always Watching!

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Always Watching! does one thing, and does it very well - It lets you watch for changes on your hard drive and reacts to those changes with a variety of possible notifications and actions.  Whether you want to watch your file system for personal or professional, technical or practical reasons, Always Watching! is for you.


With its ease of use and flexibility, you can easily configure Always Watching! to report exactly what you need - in the way you need it. Always Watching! notification support includes any one of the following:

Popup windows: Always Watching! will notify you of file/folder changes with a popup window.
Flashing tray icon: If you prefer a more unobtrusive approach, Always Watching! will flash in the system tray until you ask for more details.
Email: Always Watching! can notify you via SMTP email server of file/folder changes.
Net Send: Always Watching! can send a net send to either a single computer or an entire subnet when file/folder changes occur.
Command Line: You can also choose to execute programs, passing details about the file change event, with our new command line feature.


And with configurable delays, the ability to enable/disable any watch, and the ability to enable/disable all watches easily, you'll be sure to be notified only when you want to be.


Please read the documentation thoroughly. Although, Always Watching! is designed to be easy to use and intuitive, you'll get the best use of Always Watching! by knowing its all of its features and options. Begin by visiting our Getting Started page.