Images: In Context wins SIAF 2005 award

For Immediate Release - July 23, 2005

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Images: In Context wins SIAF 2005 award

Denver, Colorado - July, 2005 - Liquid Mirror Enterprises has won the fifteenth annual Shareware Industry Award Foundation's (SIAF's) Best Photo Program or Utility award for its flagship product, Images: In Context, the powerful Windows application that lets computer novices turn snapshots into stunning images. Without having to read a 600-page manual or spend weeks learning complicated photo manipulation techniques, applying more than 70 extraordinary image filters and effects can be as simple as right-clicking the image in Windows File Explorer.

The newest versions let you undo and redo up to the last 20 changes for each image, as well as adding two new filters. The new Scanlinesfilter that lets you run horizontal lines through an image, giving the effect of seeing your image on TV or on a monitor. The new Adjust Highlights and Shadows filter lets you adjust the brightness of highlights and shadows independently, helping you fix only those areas of the image where your subject is washed out or masked in shadow, without ruining the rest of the picture.

It's easy to color-correct, resize, crop, stylize, or remove red-eye from your pictures, without buying an expensive, confusing photo enhancement program. There's no need to learn about alpha channels or bezier curves. Simply right-click an image, and select the effect that you'd like to apply.

You can select multiple images, and turn them into a slide show or web page with a single click. You can even rename groups of images, taking the work out of managing your vacation photos.

Images: In Context! makes it easy to copy images, resize them, and convert them among popular formats. You can adjust brightness, gamma, tint, and contrast. It's easy to adjust the color, equalize the brightness or the entire image, create a gradient map, posterize the image, or convert it to grayscale or sepia tone. You can apply pinch distortions, ripples, lens distortions, or a glass effect. There are dozens of other special effects that you can add to your photographs, without being - or hiring - a graphic artist.

Whether you're a business person who needs to spruce up images for your web site, a home user who wants to send stunning travel photos to friends and family, or a student who needs a simple program to manipulate images for school projects, Images: In Context! has the tools to do the job.

Images: In Context! v. 1.6 runs under Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003 and on Mac OS X using Virtual PC with any of the above versions of Windows. It costs $19.99(US), and may be purchased securely online at You can download a free, fully-functional 15-day trial version from the same Internet address. For more information, contact: Liquid Mirror Enterprises, 24338 El Toro Road Suite E-414, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. Internet: Email:

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