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Liquid Mirror Enterprises launches LearnMagicNow.com, a new portal for people interested in magic

August 25, 2003 -- Learn Magic... Now! at LearnMagicNow.com has opened its doors to the public. Visitors to the site can learn magic tricks easily, right from their own computer.

A free ebook, Fearson's Aces, is available to all visitors. With it, you will learn an amazing mind reading card trick to baffle the mind of your friends and family with just four Aces. There's no sleight of hand and it requires no trick devices. It's a powerful trick that will captivate any audience.

Also offered is the FoldItself Bill, an ebook that teaches readers how to place an ordinary dollar bill in the palm of their hands and watch in amazement as the bill folds itself three ways into a square. FoldItself Bill is available for only $19.99 and includes full resale rights. Details and a video of the trick are available at http://www.learnmagicnow.com/

For more information, visit http://www.learnmagicnow.com/. You can find both ebooks and links to other magic- and ebook-related sites.

About Liquid Mirror Enterprises:

Liquid Mirror Enterprises is a software, web development and ebook publishing company based in Laguna Hills, California. Established in 1995, Liquid Mirror specializes in the production of award-winning software and eBooks, including AnyWhere Pro, Always Watching, Starbrite and the eBook Learn Hypnosis... Now!. In addition, Liquid Mirror Enterprises owns and manages popular Internet sites, including Shareware Junction (www.sharewarejunction.com), SWMirror (www.swmirror.com), CrushAlarm (www.crushalarm.com), the Shareware Junction Banner eXchange (www.swjbx.com) and the BX/Free Banner eXchange (www.bxfree.com).

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