Speed Your Way Through Windows File Tasks with AnyWhere 6 Pro

For Immediate Release - September 23, 2003

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Speed Your Way Through Windows File Tasks with AnyWhere 6 Pro
Liquid Mirror Enterprises has released AnyWhere 6 Pro, a Windows Explorer add-on that lets you effortlessly copy, move, zip, rename, securely delete, and unlock files on your system. You can also copy long and short filenames to the clipboard, and replace text within multiple files, all from one right-click. AnyWhere 6 Pro saves time, effort, and confusion while it protects the security of your sensitive data.

When you right-click any file, you can instantly copy, move, or zip it into any folder on your computer. Rather than having to remember awkward ctl/alt key combinations, you can use AnyWhere 6 Pro to perform routine file maintenance.

When Windows deletes a file, the file's contents can be recovered. When AnyWhere 6 Pro deletes a file, its contents are gone forever, making it easy to protect customers' credit card information and other sensitive data.

AnyWhere 6 Pro easily modifies files on your hard drive, without having to open them individually. This function saves time and increases accuracy when you need to change a copyright date or a phone number on each of your web pages, or when there's a change in your business that needs to be reflected in multiple documents.

With a single operation, you can rename groups of files. This allows you to assign meaningful names to images from your digital camera, or do a better job of naming business documents. You can also make groups of files writable, allowing you to use a collection of images from a CD-ROM without having to change the read-only property on each individual file.

AnyWhere 6 Pro will even let you copy a list of filenames to the Windows clipboard, using either the long names or the short (DOS) names.

Whether you're a business person who needs to perform file maintenance tasks more efficiently, a hobbyist who wants to keep better track of photos and images, or a student who needs to organize information by class and assignment, AnyWhere 6 Pro has the tools to do the job.

AnyWhere 6 Pro v. 6.2 runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT4/2000/XP, costs $39.99(US), and may be purchased securely online at http://www.liquidmirror.com/. You can download a free, fully-functional 30-day trial version from the same Internet address. For more information, contact: Liquid Mirror Enterprises, 24338 El Toro Road Suite E-414, Laguna Hills, CA 92653. Internet: http://www.liquidmirror.com/ Email: support@liquidmirror.com

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