Getting Started

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1. Fill out Always Watching! Options

When you first start Always Watching!, you'll be presented with an options dialog which must be completed to use certain features.




In this dialog, you'll select the program Startup Options.  You can choose to have Always Watching! start every time you log on to the computer, every time anybody logs on to the computer, or never, in which case Always Watching! will only start when you choose to start it by clicking the program icon.


You'll also set up your Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) options.  Consult your internet service provider documentation or tech support to learn which values to enter here.


Read the Options Dialog section for more information about how these options work.



2. Add your first watch item

Now you're ready to fill out your first watch.




Read the Main Window section for more information about the main window of Always Watching!


Now click the Add button, or go to the File menu and choose "New Watch Item". The Add New Watch dialog box appears.



Enter a nickname for your watch; something that will help you remember why you chose to watch this folder. Next, either type in or browse to the folder you'd like to watch and check the box to indicate whether or not you would like to watch its subfolders. On Windows NT-based computers (Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows 2003 Server), you can select specific actions you'd like to be notified for.  On Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows ME, Microsoft programmers did not provide these options, so the checkboxes have no effect. Choose from the available notification methods and select a delay time, if desired, then click the "Add/Save" button. Repeat Step 2 for all the folders that you wish to watch.


Read the Add/Edit Dialog section for more information about how these options work.


3. Activate and hide the application

Now that you've added your watch items, click the "Hide" button to send the program to the system tray and activate your watches. The System Tray is the small area, usually at the right end of the Windows Taskbar, next to the system clock. The Always Watching! icon resembles an eye and will flash if you have configured watches for Tray notification.




Read the Tray Icon and Menu section for more information about working with the Always Watching! System Tray icon.


4. Notifications arrive.

Always Watching! is completely configured! When watches are triggered, you'll be notified by popup windows, a blinking tray icon, net sends, emails or custom command line actions, depending on how you setup your watches. View the Table of Contents of this help file to learn more about the options and features of Always Watching!




Getting Started


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