Press Kit: Always Watching!™ v2

Always Watching!™: A powerful utility that notifies you of changes to any file or folder on your Windows filesystem via pop-up, flashing tray icon, Windows NetSend, internet email or by running programs or scripts via commandline.
Current Version: Version 2.1

Windows NT 4 SP6,Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003
or Mac OS X using Virutual PC with any of the
versions of Windows listed.

Users of Windows 9x and Windows ME can download and use Always Watching! 1.x

Release Date: March 31, 2006
Purchase Info: Price: $29.99 USD
Updates: Free minor updates and free bugfixes
Secure Server: Yes
90-day money-back guarantee
Trial restrictions: Free 15-day fully-functional trial
Download Size: 1.6 MB
Press Evaluation:
As a courtesy to the press, we offer activation keys to enable you to access all features past the 15-day trial limit. Please send a request for a key to and explain that you're in the process of reviewing Images: In Context! - mention the publication please. This offer is good for all forms of media - Newspapers, Magazines, Radio Shows, TV Shows, Web-Based Magazines, Etc.
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Company Contact Info:
Press Contact: Mike Stevenson
10073 Valley View St. #121
Cypress, CA 90630 USA
Phone: 800-516-9167 toll-free in North America
714-408-4280 direct
Fax: 714-242-1736