BX/Free Banner eXchange Provides Free Advertising Opportunities to All

For Immediate Release - May 23, 2003

Contact: Michael Stevenson, mike@liquidmirror.com

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BX/Free Banner eXchange Provides Free Advertising Opportunities to All

The BX/Free Banner eXchange offers completely free advertising to webmasters by allowing them to exchange advertising space, which would otherwise go wasted or bring in little revenue, with other members of the Banner eXchange network. With sales of banner ads continuing on a downward slope in recent years, companies are forced to find new ways to make their advertising space valuable. The BX/Free Banner eXchange allows them to turn advertising space into visitors. By signing up, members are given a few lines of html and javascript to paste into their webpages. This code interfaces with the BX/Free Banner eXchange, rotating banners and keeping track of credits and clicks. For each three banners that a member shows on his website, he earns one credit, allowing his banner to be displayed on another member's site.

Capitalizing on its experience and success with the Shareware Junction Banner eXchange at swjbx.com, already serving nearly 10 million banner impressions per month, Liquid Mirror Enterprises is releasing this rebranded version of the site. Removing the Shareware motif opens up the network to a much wider audience, allowing webmasters from any industry to participate. Distasteful, illegal, and pornographic material is not allowed, so webmasters can be sure that the content is appropriate for general audiences.

For more information, or to sign up for an account, visit http://www.bxfree.com/. You can find an online signup form, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, and the company's Terms of Service agreement at the same web address. To learn more about paid advertising opportunities on the BX/Free Banner eXchange, email advertising@liquidmirror.com for a quote.

About Liquid Mirror Enterprises:

Liquid Mirror Enterprises is a software and web development company based in Laguna Hills, California. Established in 1995, Liquid Mirror specializes in the production of award-winning software and eBooks, including AnyWhere Pro, Always Watching, Starbrite and the eBook Learn Hypnosis... Now!. In addition, Liquid Mirror Enterprises owns and manages popular Internet sites, including Shareware Junction (www.sharewarejunction.com), SWMirror (www.swmirror.com), CrushAlarm (www.crushalarm.com), the Shareware Junction Banner eXchange (www.swjbx.com) and the BX/Free Banner eXchange (www.bxfree.com).

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