Options Dialog

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The options dialog is the place to set the information that Always Watching! needs to operate properly.




It is highly recommended that you fill out each relevant field before closing this window. 


Startup Options

You can choose to have Always Watching! start every time you log on to the computer, every time anybody logs on to the computer, or never, in which case Always Watching! will only start when you choose to start it by clicking the program icon.  When choosing an automatic startup option, Always Watching! will automatically start in the system tray, where it's out of your way, silently working.



The email options will allow you to set options for email delivery of Watch Notifications via the internet. Information is needed for delivery purposes that can be obtained from your ISP, if needed. However, in most cases, your existing email programs account options can provide all the clues you need to fill out this information.



This option signifies the location of your outgoing SMTP mail server. This information is usually obtained from your ISP.  SMTP servers usually communicate on internet port 25.  If your SMTP server uses a non-standard port, enter the server name/address, followed by a colon, followed by the port (ex, mail.myhost.com:1024).


My Server Requires SMTP Login and User & Pass Options

Many mail servers require a username and password to send outgoing mail to prevent spammers and other non-customers from using the server for unauthorized activities. If your mail service provider requires a username and password, check the My Server Requires SMTP Login checkbox and fill in the user and pass fields with your username and password.


Your email Watch Notifications can appear to be from any name and address that you'd like. The only exception to this rule is if your service provider does not allow the "from" address to deviate from your actual from address. In that case, you'll have to use the From Address that your internet mail service provider assigned you. In all other cases, enter a name and email address that you prefer your Watch Notifications to appear to be from.


Saving your options

Press Ok when you have filled out the appropriate options to save them.