Add/Edit Dialog

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The Add/Edit dialog is the place to set the information for each Watch Item, new or old.






This value is any name that you pick to help you remember what it is watching. This will be used during Watch Notifications to let you know which Watch triggered the notification.


Browse for the Folder You'd Like to Watch

Specify the full path of the folder you'd like to watch. To browse for the folder on your hard drive, click the elipsis button at the right-most end of the textbox.


By default, Always Watching! only watches the folder you choose in the "Folder" textbox. However, checking the Also Watch Subfolders checkbox will cause Always Watching! to watch all the folders within the folder you selected, as well.


Exceptions Button

By default, Always Watching! only allows you to browse for folders.  If you wish to only watch for certain files, you can specify these settings by clicking the Exceptions button.  The Exceptions button allows you to filter watch notifications based on a file spec (a text pattern representing one or more filenames, such as profile.doc, webserver_.log or *.bmp).  By typing in filenames or file patterns (using wildcards), you can choose to include files in or exclude files from notification.




To specify only the files you wish to be notified about, fill in the Include filter with filenames or file patters of the files you wish to include.


To specify the files you wish not to be notified about, fill in the Exclude filter with filenames or file patterns of the files you wish to exclude.


You may specify any valid file spec, and multiple file specs can be entered and separated by semi-colon.  Wildcards are:


* Specifies any number of valid characters

_ Specifies a single valid character


Note: When a watch has exceptions defined, the caption of the Exceptions Button changes to "Exceptions *".


Notification Options

Always Watching! has five powerful options for notifying you of Watch Notifications. Each has slightly different options.



Always Watching! will flash in the Windows System Tray when a new event has fired.



Double clicking on the tray will present a window for each Watch Item that is triggered.




Always Watching! will display a notification window for each Watch Item that is triggered. This window can be set to automatically dismiss itself after a set amount of minutes by setting the "Auto dismiss after x minutes" option to a value other than 0. When dismissing the Watch Notification, you can choose to Continue watching the folder, Open Folder, or to Disable the Watch from further notification until enabled by you in the future.





The Windows NetSend feature can be used on systems with Windows NT 4.x, Windows 2000 or Windows XP running the Windows Messenger Service. This feature is not available on Windows 9x systems due to limitations in those operating systems. Always Watching! will send a NetSend message to the computer of your choosing when an event is triggered. Simply enter the name or IP address of the computer on you wish to have Watch Notifications sent to.





Always Watching! is fully SMTP compliant and can send Watch Notifications to any email address that you specify. Enter the email address you'd like to have Watch Notifications sent to in the Email text box. Before using this option, the SMTP options must first be set up in the Options Dialog.


Command Line

In addition to just notifying you of events, Always Watching! can execute any valid Windows command line.  You can also pass information about the event to the program you are executing.  Valid flags are:


%fn% - Filename

%nn% - New Name

%wp% - Windows Path

%en% - Event Number

%es% - Event String



       c:\windows\notepad.exe %nn%

       c:\filerenamed.bat %fn% %nn%

       c:\mycustomprogram.exe %wp%\%fn%



Watch Notification Delays

In some cases the folder you want to watch will trigger Watch Notification more often that you'd prefer to be notified. The "Allow at least x minutes between notifications" option will allow you to specify a set delay in minutes that must pass between notification events.


Saving your options

Press the Add/Save button when you have filled out the appropriate options to save them.